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Curriculum Vita



Cell: 01923-101304

Permanent Address:                                                                                                Mailing Address:

S/o: Munjur Sake                                                                                                        Masum Shake

Village: Champatola                                                                                                   Rajghat, Avoynogore,

P/o: Jatrapur.                                                                                                               Jessore.

P/s: Bagerhat                                                                        

Dist: Bagerhat                                                                                             



Career Objective:

        I would like to build up my career at IT (Information Technology) sector in any organization with national or international perspective and standard with challenging and creative job for attending objective. 

Educational Qualification:

Title                                       :           ALIM EXAMINATION

Conducted by                         :           Khulna Kamil Madrasha

Board                                      :           Bangladesh Madrasha Educational Board (Dhaka)

Group                                     :           Humanities

Result                                     :           GPA- 3.00

Year of Passing                     :           2006

Title                                       :           DAKHIL EXAMINATION

Conducted by                         :           Hisbullah Aliah Madrasha

Board                                      :           Bangladesh Madrasha Educational Board (Dhaka)

Group                                     :           Humanities

Result                                     :           GPA- 3.08

Year of Passing                     :           2003


Company Name                   :           BABYLON GROUP

Designation                            :           Junior Officer (IT)

Duration                                 :           17th March 2006 to 1st October 2007

Address                                  :           Rishipara, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka.

Company Name                   :           AKH Group.

Designation                            :           Senior Officer (IT)

Duration                                 :           2nd October 2007 to 1st December 2008

Address                                  :           Darussalam, Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1216

Company Name                   :           The Daily NewsLine

Designation                            :           Officer (IT) Computer Sector

Duration                                 :           2nd December 2008 to till now

Address                                  :           85, Elephant Road, Boro Mogbazar, Wireless More


Personal Profile:

·        Father’s Name                       :           Munjur Shake

·        Mother’s Name                     :           Taslima

·        Date Of Birth                         :           01/01/1989

·        Nationality                             :           Bangladeshi (By Birth)

·        Religion                                 :           Islam (Sunni)

·        Sex                                          :           Male

·        Marital Status                        :           Unmarried

Computer Skill:

I am successfully Completed Windows 98, Windows XP-2000 to 2009 & hard ware.

ü      MS Word.

ü      MS Excel.

ü      MS Access

ü      MS Power Point.

ü      MS Publisher & Make the web page.

ü      MS Outbox.

ü      MS Internet Explorer

ü      MS Visual Basic

ü      HRMS Software (Need Salary for worker’s)

ü      Make some Web Page.

ü      Eudora, Increde mail needs Corresponding E-mail.

ü      Networking Connection (LAN or Modem)

ü      IP Policy, 2D, 3D & Tarbell Shooting. etc,  

ü      Adobe Photoshop 7.0

ü      Adobe Illustrator 10.0

ü      Adobe Acrobat 8.0

ü      Bangle font Bijoy (2000, 2003), Proshikha. 

ü      Anti Virus (Kasprsky, McAfee, ESET, Norton, Symantec, eScan AV for Windows) Download, Install & Use.

ü      Quark Express (Need for make News Paper).

Evolution of Strengths:

ü      Hard working & Good Communication Skill.


Name               : Md. Emdadul Haque                           Name               : Mr. Ashraful Alam

Organization     : Labaid Specialized hospital                 Organization     : Babylon Group

Designation       : Accountant                                         Designation       : Senior Officer (IT)

            Address           : 122-125 Darussalam                          Address           : Hemayetpur, Savar

Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1216.                                          Dhaka,

Mobile             : 01712-195620                                   Mobile             : 01720-556796

E-Mail:                                 E-Mail:





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